Ganges is a software platform to design, develop and implement workflow solutions to any Business Process Management (BPM) need.

  • Gives you complete control into your business process for better collaboration, quality and accountability.
  • Lets you rapidly design, change and deploy automated processes with minimal effort.
  • Allows integrating your existing applications and leveraging your existing IT infrastructure to save time and money in your BPM initiatives.
  • Is open, adaptable and extensible through XML, SOAP, Web Services, and other leading standards for safe and seamless collaboration.
  • Allows effective communication and collaboration.
  • Has complete control over a process.
  • Provides security and accountability for the actions of participants.
  • Improves productivity.
  • Allows you to do business faster at a reduced cost.
Ganges provides a simplified yet powerful platform that can be integrated with any application written in any language without restriction.

Ganges is developed and functions with Microsoft Windows platforms and Microsoft SQL Server database. Any external application in any platform can be integrated using open standards.

Ganges Designer
  • This element is used to design the business model.
  • Use the Designer to streamline activities; handle exceptions to normal business operations; automate and establish policies, procedures, and best practices.
  • The rich, graphical, point-and-click modeling tool enables business process experts to:
        - rapidly model and implement processes
        - define states and actions
        - setup security for users/groups specifying who performs what actions
        - write rules
        - is the method to integrate applications, external processes, people to interact with each other,
          and then validate the entire process. 
Ganges WorkFlow Engine
  • This element performs all functions of the WorkFlow.
  • Tightly controls the rules at the application database level.
  • Is tightly integrated to an application database.
  • Validates the users, groups, security, rules, and flow logic as specified by the designer.
  • Interacts with external applications, sends notifications, alerts, emails and logs, performs automatic scheduled activities, etc..
  • Supports process variables, sub-processes, alerts, rules based events, multiple starting and ending points, user and group level security, and integration with different systems..
  • Tied to the core WorkFlow database, such that the WorkFlow methods are not by passed by any application..
Tools are available to build and/or integrate applications; providing WorkFlow capability.
  • Open APIs provide easy integration and enable WorkFlow methods for any application.
  • Is open, adaptable and extensible through XML, SOAP, Web Services, and other leading standards for safe and seamless collaboration.

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