All businesses have objectives to reduce costs, provide quicker customer response, create flexible and responsive organizations, and improve business processes. The way you accomplish these objectives is by improving the effectiveness and flexibility of your companies end-to-end processes.

Ganges gives you the tools to gain control over your business processes so that they deliver better quality, faster, and at lower cost; providing you with a competitive advantage.

Many business sectors can benefit from the implementation of a WorkFlow management system. Yours is one of them.

The Banking, Finance, and Insurance industries work to optimize operations, manage risk effectively, and provide superior customer service quickly.

usdo      Areas WorkFlow management can assist:
        •  Loan authorizations
        •  Credit card processing
        •  Inbound call handling
        •  New account setup
        •  Customer claims processing
        •  Regulatory compliance

Governmental and Administrative bodies are now required to deliver many combined services to meet the needs of their citizens and partner organizations.

usa                    Areas WorkFlow management can assist:
                      •  Electronic administration and access
                      •  Document routing and approval
                      •  IT help desks
                      •  Purchase requests
                      •  Contract administration and Management
                      •  Estate and equipment management
                      •  Regulatory compliance

The Manufacturing industry has very complex IT systems.  These systems have increased costs, introduced delays, caused errors, are inefficient, or are not integrated.  All which hinder sales, delay release of new products, negatively impact customer support, and increase operational and administrative costs.

usdo      Areas WorkFlow management can assist:
        •  Product management
        •  Product packaging
        •  Procurement
        •  Claims management
        •  Change management
        •  ISO compliance

The Media and Entertainment industry is going through a time of consolidation.  This industry deals with the creation, management, and distribution of intellectual property.  Change is occurring due to the rise of new technologies, content format changes, and security issues.

              Areas WorkFlow management can assist:
                 •  Product management
                 •  Product idea tracking
                 •  Order processing
                 •  Supplier management

The Pharmaceuticals Industry is strongly regulated and very competitive. Companies must optimize and rationalize their processes, track any errors that occur, and continue to innovate to remain a leader.

lab      Areas WorkFlow management can assist:
        •  Electronic Data Capture (E-CRF)
        •  Clinical supplies tracking
        •  Non-compliance management
        •  Order fulfillment
        •  Return Merchandise Authorization

The Retail Industry has the need to optimize their existing systems and make sure that internal processes are well managed.  With the growth of online servicing this industry needs to understand, anticipate, and answer customer demands.

              Areas WorkFlow management can assist:
                •  Products fault management in stores
                •  Design and launch of white brands

The Telecommunications Industry is greatly impacted by deregulation and opening of markets to competition. Industries in this segment strive for excellence, agility, and the ability to differentiate themselves from their competitors. They seek to optimize operations, manage high volumes, provide superior customer service, and provide new products and services quickly.

Areas WorkFlow management can assist:
   •  Customer Service
   •  Number Portability (both wireline and wireless)

The Utilities Industry again has been impacted greatly by deregulation, privatization, and competition. Industries in this segment have had to reevaluate the manner in which they conduct business and their support infrastructure.  They must assure that customers are driving their processes not just having processes that customers must comply with.

              Areas WorkFlow management can assist:
                •  Customer Service
                •  Regulatory compliance
                •  Reduced operating costs

WorkFlow management systems have allowed these industries to:
    •  Increase productivity
    •  Reduce and eliminate paper
    •  Reduce and eliminate data input errors
    •  Improve communications
    •  Improve customer service
    •  Increase sales and customer loyalty
    •  Reduce time-to-market of new products
    •  Minimize risks and errors during introduction of new products
    •  Manage product packaging
    •  Facilitate a collaborative research environment
    •  Control and manage regulatory compliance
    •  Rationalize and better manage their processes
    •  Automate, simplify, and manage clinical trials processes
    •  Automate key order processes
    •  Increase flexibility by reusing and adapting existing processes to new areas
    •  Optimize supply chain efficiency
    •  Increase integration with information systems
    •  Accomplish greater operating efficiency

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