Business Process Management (BPM) integrates tasks between people, machines and applications in a structured, secured and yet collaborative environment to facilitate key business processes, such as managing order management, vendor management, accounts receivable etc.

BPM involves integrating several applications, internal to an organization or interfacing with external organizations or with automated machine/interconnected processes.

BPM is accomplished by breaking large process into several sub-process, and each sub-process into series of "States". A "State" represents a particular point of a process, where an "action" is performed to move the process to another state.   A person or group of persons will be responsible to perform an "action".  An "action"is either automated or manual effort taken to perform a "task" that moves the process to a series of states. A series of coordinated set of actions facilitates completing a process from beginning to the end, by series of steps.

Ganges WorkFlow is a software platform to design, develop and implement WorkFlow solutions to any BPM need.

Ganges WorkFlow comes with three parts, a WorkFlow designer, WorkFlow engine that is tightly integrated to application database, and tools to build and/or integrate applications to provide WorkFlow capability.

  • Gives you complete control into your business process for better collaboration, quality and accountability.
  • Lets you rapidly design, change and deploy automated processes with minimal effort.
  • Allows integrating your existing applications and leverage your existing IT infrastructure to save time and money in your BPM initiatives.
  • Is open, adaptable and extensible through XML, SOAP, Web Services, and other leading standards for safe and seamless collaboration.

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