All companies have the need for employees to make quick and reliable decisions that satisfy customers and further their industry position.  They desire to eliminate paper, reduce idle time, and either automate decision points or allow their employees to make those decisions based on clear rules.  This can all be accomplished with an efficient and intelligent management of business processes.

WorkFlow management is a technology which is used by businesses in a variety of industries to do this.  The primary characteristic of this technology is the control and automation of processes involving humans and IT applications and tools. Although its most prevalent use is in staff intensive operations such as telecommunications, insurance, banking, legal, general administration, etc; it is also applicable to various industrial and manufacturing situations.


WorkFlow organizes a business process into series of discrete tasks that occur in an organized sequence. It then provides for the automation of those processes so that documents, information, or tasks are passed from one resource (human or machine) to the next for action according to a set of procedural rules.

The key benefits of WorkFlow are:
  • Improved efficiency - automation of business processes resulting in the elimination of many unnecessary steps.
  • Better process control - improved management of business processes by standardizing working methods and providing audit trails.
  • Improved customer service - consistency and control of processes which provide similar responses to all customers.
  • Flexibility - software control over processes provides the ability to keep up with changing business needs.
  • Business process improvement - focusing on business processes leads to their streamlining and simplification.
Cadebill WorkFlow provides all of this to you:
  • You model your business processes to control the specified data within a database.
  • You define the tasks, states, actions, events, and rules for moving the task from one state to another within the process.
  • You are provided menus that provide your employees with information on where a particular item is within a process and what action can be taken on that item .

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