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Cadebill is a software platform for a variety of business operations such as Telecom operators, Internet Service Providers, Cable Operators, and Utility companies of all sizes. In particular, Cadebill has several successful implementations in the following industries.

Telecom, ISP & Utilities

Cadebill has several large successful VoIP installations. Cadebill is fully integrated with several VOIP platforms like Broadsoft, Sylantro, Telica and several other VoIP platforms. Cadebill provides end to end solutions for VoIP portals from provisioning, billing and customer care. Cadebill has open web service that provide integration points with external portals, applications and services. Cadebill with its flexible architecture and user definable rating methods, provides a convergent billing solution for Enterprise, Residential VoIP offering for telecoms of all sizes. Read more ...

Interconnect Operations

In interconnecting with other carriers for call termination, routing the calls to the vendors with low rates and good quality is a core necessity. Cadebill provides optimized call routing solution with several methods: Least cost routing, Digit level routing, Quality based routing, Profitability based routing, No loss routing, capacity based routing, multiple switch routing, North American LNP aware routing and combination of any these methods. Cadebill has sound algorithms to provide in depth routing to balance on cost, quality, revenue and profitability. The calculated routing results are then automatically uploaded to the appropriate switch in your network, using switch specific interfaces. Interconnect carrier billing has its own complexities with constantly changing rates, destinations and digits. Bilateral commitments, swaps, volume commitments and other agreements introduce additional complexities in billing and routing. Cadebill billing and call routing provides a complete solution to manage all these complexities. With the Cadebill Smart Rater module, making changes to rates or adding new breakouts can be done with simple mouse clicks. The digit and rate changes are automatically sent out to the customers with email and fax, with customer desired notification format. When it comes to vendor rates, "change is the only constant". With the Cadebill Rates Exchange module, the vendor rates and digits can be imported with simple mouse clicks using user-defined templates that can be setup to work with any kind of vendor provided file structure. Using the Scheduler module, the whole process can be fully automated. Read more ...


While the Energy billing generally has several complexities, it is largely divided into two broad products - LT Billing and HT Billing. LT consumer billing is generally simple with few tariffs and less parameters to calculate the billing. HT billing has several tariffs and many parameters to calculate the usage based on the type of consumer, rate plans, time of day usage, power factor, and demand based rating, and other parameters. The rates and parameters vary with geographic and jurisdictional boundaries, are driven by market conditions in a non-regulated environment; by Government policies in a regulated environment. It is critical for the Energy companies need a billing system that can rapidly respond to changes in products, rates, parameters. With the wind, solar and other energy sources generated at the consumer locations, there is a need for reverse billing the customers to credit and/or pay the customers for the customer generated energy. Cadebill provides solutions for Energy sector billing with a variety of dynamic user definable data and rules. This flexible platform allows rapid creation or modification of products, tariffs, parameters and other rules, without any application or programming changes. This results in rapid deployment, modifications, with minimal effort, time and cost. Read more ...

Infrastructure Management

Managing telecom infrastructure becomes a tedious task for organizations that involves several departments, locations and vendors. It is very easy for organizations to quickly lose control of their infrastructure manageability and its associated costs particularly when there is no clear visibility of the resources. Cadebill provides solutions for organizations to more quickly and efficiently manage telecom resources, manage vendors, manage inventory, reconcile charges against vendor bills, provide greater visibility and control of telecommunications and other costs. Read more ...

Hosted or Licensed model Solutions

Cadebill is available either as hosted (SaaS) model or licensed model. Either model may fit your operation depending on the size and the scope of your operation. Read more ...


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